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Starting your first blog


Many people are getting into the world of blogging as a tool to express their thoughts, to make a profit or both. While it may seem like an intimidating endeavour for some, it doesn’t need to be. Blogging can be fun and rewarding and this article will help get set up. So let’s get started

Finding your niche

Finding your niche

When starting your blog, the first step is finding your niche. Make sure you to choose a subject that you’re passionate about. Making this decision before you start your blog is important because it may end up consuming a lot of your time and possibly become a source of income. If you don’t enjoy what you’re writing about, what’s the point?

Is this a hobby, or do you plan on earning an income?

If you’re just looking to indulge your inner nerd, keep family and friends up to date on your thoughts, or vent about something, you probably don’t need to worry about a fixed subject. If you plan on making an income though, finding a subject to write about is important as some niches will generate more money than others.



A good starting point would be to research other blogs that cover similar subjects to yours. Subscribe to your favourites and study them. Take note of possible topics, writing style, and feel and look for ways to put your unique voice to the subject. It also helps to get involved in the discussions on other blogs and interact with the authors.

Get out there and start writing!

Start writing

While research and preparation are important, don’t fall into the trap of trying to be perfect from the beginning. Often people get stuck in the loop of researching and editing and never actually publish anything. The best way to master any given skill is to jump in and do it. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Everyone starts somewhere and the more articles you publish, the better you’ll get. So don’t hesitate. Get out there. Publish your first article and share it with your friends.

To create your own blog now, simply use the helpful tools in your SiteBlog marketplace and get started.

Good luck and happy blogging.